I Keep Trying To

IGNORE THE WHOLE Obama birf certiffikit flap. It strikes me as a lot of paranoid Bilderbergerilluminatitrilateralist nonsense. The assertions and counter-assertions on both sides of the question strike me as off-kilter.

But…! That would mean that Obama’s assertion of his citizenship is off-kilter!

Well, yeah. And that’s the problem. It just won’t go away.

And it appears that the SCOTUS is going to consider a petition for cert.

It would be nice if the question could be dealt with dispositively one way or another before the Electoral College vote.

So you don’t believe the Obama campaign/transition folk who say there’s nothing to the suit.

Well… Say I find their assertions unpersuasive. I mean, it would be so easy to nuke the damned thing: release the frittering birth certificate already.

And that they refuse to — for whatever reason — smacks of a coverup.

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