I Keep Forgetting to Do This

AT THE INDY BLOGMOOT where I first met Breda, there was also a guy there — turned out to be a neighbor of mine, after a fashion — goes by the handle Mad Saint Jack, who calls himself Breda’s Number One Fanboi. Since about the first thing I said to Breda was, “You’re my hero,”
you might think I might want to contest that, but I’m just not that ambitious.

So I concede the title.

That was a few years ago, now. And this Spring, MSJ has hung out his very own shingle on the NterNet. Calls it the Black Sunday Society. Good on him.

It’s early days, yet, and — like all such ventures — the blog is a bit unformed. Give it time. I believe the lad has enough of the right insanity, energy, knowledge, and wit to pull it off. He should do just fine.

Not to self: add to blogroll.

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