I Just Love It When

CLUELESS LIBERALS* LEFTISTS witter on about opinions and policy stances in the Right, thereby demonstrating with 1080p HD clarity their utter bereft-ness of clue.

The GOP’s primary-voting base does believe that the media and the Democrats are in collusion to pick as the Republican presidential nominee a candidate they think their man can beat handily — or, if necessary, in a fraudulent squeaker, but surely not someone who, voicing full-throated, red-blooded Americanism would win in a tsunami surpassed only by Ronaldus Magnus’s 49-state beatdown of MON-dull in ’84.

As such, poo-pooing that belief on behalf of your favorite generic Northeast (Liberal) Establishment Country Club Blueblood Republican RINO Statist (read: Mitt Romney) will get you exactly nowhere, except with your best buds in the demo-media locker room, snapping towels at each others naked baboon-red asses.

That IS, indeed, exactly how we got McCain in ’08. NOBODY in the Right wanted him. The only reason he did as well as he did in the general was because he ran with Palin as his veep. Were it up to the voters out here in flyover country, the ticket would have been flipped, with Johnny headed for the Naval Observatory, not 1600 Pee-A Ave.

And THAT ticket would have won.

Trouble is, that probably would have upset the Georgetown-K-Street rice bowls, and we can’t have that.

So, at the beginning of the campaign season, we In the Right faced a prospect of being blessed with a surfeit of choice — the possibility of both Bachman and Palin running, and a Reaganesque landslide win, coat-tailing along with it another record freshman class of Tea Party Republicans in Congress.

But NOOOooooo. That whole rice bowl thing.

The media does this every time. They pick the most left-leaning apparent candidate and annoint him the winner. And the party establishment goes along with it, because they know they can count on the base to hold their noses and vote. And, sure as shit, every time, enough of the base says, “no more!”
and stays home or votes for the message candidate (you know: the wookie-suiter), and the Democrat wins. Unless the Republican is liberal enough to placate the establishment. Almost like they want it that way.

Almost enough to make you agree with the guys who claim “we’re not voting our way out of this.” (While I can’t DISagree, I have to ask the followup:
“Fair enough. THEN what?”)

Or hope that the current process of hollwoing out the GOP and taking it over from within going on at the state and local level will bear fruit in some near-future election cycle.

Meantime, as reporters and print shop folk join the rest of us on the unemployment line, they can wonder about the wisdom of lying to the consumers of your product. (Note: I’m not calling consumers of news the customers; they’re not; they’re the product; the advertisers are the customers, but they have to be feeling the pinch, too, and wonder about the wisdom of supporting a media that lies to its consumers.)

* ‘Struth, all the true liberals are In the Right. On the Left hand, we have the greedy, the grasping, the sociopathic, so eager to rule over others, that they acknowledge no limits to their arrogance of power.

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