I Have to Agree

WITH THE CALLER to Rush’s show in the third hour on Tuesday who ranted against Donald Trump as a Republican candidate for President. Earlier in the show, Trump gave as one rationalization for his support of Rahm Emmanuel for Mayor in Chicago that he has projects in Chicago, and he needs to get along with Democrats, because there’ll never be a Republican officeholder in Chicago.

Well, THERE’s your problem!

Not that he has to get along with Democrats, but that he has projects in Chicago.

As long as businessmen collude with enemies of the people — and get away with it — they will continued to do it. They must be made to suffer the consequences of their ill-considered acts. So as not to continue the odious practice. Of getting along with Democrats.

Sheesh! Shopkeepers in Corleone, Sicily, had to get along with the Mafia. They only put up with it so long.

Get along with the Democrats! Great googly-moogly.

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