I Have This Tendency

TO THINK/SAY about Billy Beck, “Yeah, sure, he’s an asshole. But you know… He’s not wrong.” And I gotta tell you, I’d rather associate with his type than Obama’s — a prickly asshole who will, nevertheless, respect my individuality and liberty while demanding I reciprocate, as opposed to a smarmy, sneaky, statist authoritarian who KNOWS he has to lie to get his point across and does it oh, so smoothly.

I happen to think the former attitude helps to make me a better man. The lazy, lying, evil shit can rub off on you if you’re not careful.

And in the “not wrong” department:

Ladies and gentlemen, your very first duty is to think through this stuff on your own. You are not to believe a single word that I ever write. You are to endorse or reject them all on your own powers of reason, which is why you have a mind. The very first thing to do, however, is to make sure that you actually are thinking. Rote recitation of premises that you have absorbed uncritically over the years is not the same thing, and there is no way around ethical determinations of right and wrong. Those two concepts refer to the efficacious practice of human life: they are not interchangeable or arbitrarily disposable, no matter what contemporary sophistries attempt to offer you as rationale.

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