I Have Not Forgotten

NOW THAT YOU’RE SIGNING up in droves, it’s time to reiterate — I have not forgotten my promise that all of you who sign up for membership in BTB in November will receive, on publication, a free copy of my e-novel, It’s Dolly’s Birthday, the 14th story of the Dolly Apocrypha. (Sometimes you just have to go to war in the underwear you have on.)

And, since, through no fault of yours, the ability to register was compromised for a good portion of the month, I’m re-setting the clock. Anybody who signs up between now and the 20th of December will receive, on publication, a free copy of It’s Dolly’s Birthday.

I would advise you to order your Kindle or Kindle Fire soon. I’m betting that, as we get closer to Christmas, there will be supply issues. That happens a lot to desirable gift items.

And, as I’m sure you’ve heard, if you click through to Amazon using the BTB Text Link, you’ll be benefitting this starving artist at no additional cost to yourself.

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