I Have Long Wished

THAT THE TERM and concept of statism should be freighted with the same — or greater — opprobrium as the term and concept of racism. After all, on body count alone in the 20th Century, the former is patently the greater evil. And when statism and racism combine…

Our Curmudgeon posts a valuable exposition of the contrapoised concepts of constitutionalism vs statism — which also may be put as liberty vs tyranny. Read. Absorb. Internalize. Teach.

Speaking of which…

The proximate cause of this current contretemps is the passage Friday in Congress of the so-called Slaughter Rule. Democrats have cited as partial justification of this odious act that Republicans have done the like before.

Setting aside for a moment the unavoidable fact that bad precedent is no excuse, I have to ask: what did I miss?

All of a sudden, Democrats are asserting: Republicans did this when they were in power. Oh, really? When? No case is put forth in example. The bald assertion is made without support, and suddenly everyone is taking it for granted that Democrats speak the truth.

Silly rabbits! Democrats are incapable of telling the truth.

I like to think I pay attention to most of this most of the time and cannot recall the occasion. When have Republicans, in majority power, attempt to foist off some legislation as a passed bill without first submitting it to a vote of the House?

And, no, I will not accept as explanation or example some situation in which Democrats whined, bitched, and moaned about how the vote needed to be extended, or changed, because they were caught left-footed.

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