I Have Long Maintained

(ALBEIT WITHOUT SUBSTANTIVE evidence in support of my contention), that one principal reason modern societies experience so much “sex crime” is that 1) we don’t call a spade a spade anymore; the crime is rape; say so. And 2) we no longer impose the death penalty for rape.

That’s two things.


You said “…one principal reason,” then went on to list two.

Oh. I see. Edit that, wouldja?


Fair enough. Stet, then. See if I care.


But any way. Take the case at hand — to whit, Roman Polanski.

That’s it?

What? Do I need to connect the dots?

In’t that sorta whatcher here about? Connectin’ dots?

Dunno. Is it in the mission statement? On the masthead somewhere?

No. But it also says “Sass and Ass” up there, and there may be occasional sass, but you don’t put out much in the way of ass.

What are you? Chopped liver?


Well. What do I say to you when you’re being frisky?


Yeah, that. But…

OH! ‘Everybody likes a little ass now and then, but nobody likes a little smartass.’

Very good.

OK. But what about Polanski? Connecting dots-wise, that is.

Well, I submit that one cause (as I said above) of social degradation — particularly in the respect for the rights of personal autonomy of individuals — is/was/has been the abandonment of capital punishment.

So… killing rapists will stop others?

What? You think negative incentives don’t have any effect?

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