I Have Bunches

OF FAVORITE AUTHORS. In science fiction, there is, of course, Robert Heinlein. And Larry Niven Jerry Pournelle Spider Robinson Orson Scott Card, et al. And C.J. Cherryh — A Wave Without a Shore should be required reading for the genre. In general fiction, there’s Mark Twain. In fantasy, yes, Tolkien, but also Charles de Lint and Emma Bull.

And in thrillers, the place that was once inhabited by Alistair MacLean has lately been taken over by Tom Clancy. From Red October to Red Rabit, his books have enjoyed pride of place on my shelves. And, I have no doubt, played no small part in the re-awakening of patriotic pride in America.

Now, it seems, we’ll have those books still in the pipeline, and then: no more. May God hold you in the palm of his hand, Clancy. We’ll miss ya.

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