I Have a Big Problem

WITH BEING TOLD I get the government I deserve. I beg to differ. I have objected to, voted against, railed against, fought, and supported opposition to every single public policy prescription of the Left since I was old enough to be aware I was being ripped off by a government that would rape me of my substance and remunerate me not one red cent. I’ve always known Social Security wouldn’t be there. You might say I’m a member of the permanent opposition.

But I didn’t get a vote on Soshe Security. It was fait accompli — despite the clear intention in the framework of our government that there be no permanent program, that every thing be reconsidered every two years, with gridlock being the order of the day. I was not represented when it was decided that I would be robbed at gunpoint of fifteen percent of my productivity for life to pay for someone else’s woefully inadequate retirement pittance.

I was not represented when the ancestors of today’s Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi rammed through the Sixteenth Amendment in the dark of night on a bare quorum vote and a procedural trick, then lied about both its intended and eventual actual effect. (There’s a reason they call it a tax.)

No, I don’t get the government I deserve. I get the governmentyou deserve. You and your greedy hands and covetous eyes. You and your moral bankruptcy. You… you … democrat!

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