I Hadn’t Thought of It

QUITE THIS WAY, and it’s a distraction from the absolutely criminal behavior of Congress in the matter, but, yes, I would say the home-and-garden shows are culpable. Toni and I watch a lot of these because, well, it’s about the only programming we can agree on. (That’s why we have two TVs in a 4-room house.) It always drives us crazy when Kendra Todd tells homeowners they’ve made a profit. “NOT UNTIL YOU SELL!” we yell at the screen.

But it’s of a piece with all media. Lazy, slapdash, anything-to-make-a-buck. Which host does more damage — Kendra Todd advising people to work on maintaining their equity value in their homes or Katie Couric, advising voters to support socialism? To me, the choice is obvious.

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