I Guess the Real Fear

GIVEN THE BEHAVIOR OF the Democrats over the last … oh, couple hundred years … is that, if the Democrats win big majorities in legislatures, and a lot of governorships, and the Presidency, that this may be the last demi-free election in America. That there will be no free public discourse from here on out. That union thugs and political comissars will monitor our speech for political correctness and stifle all dissent. That the programs of the Left will be instated and so firmly encysted in the body politic that only bloody surgery will cure matters. That the inevitable social and economic consquences of leftists policies will tax our economy to where even it — the richest, most vibrant economy in the history of the world — cannot overcome the drag.

But as Caleb said on GunNutsTNG election night, we will not wake up tomorrow in a socialist state. (Except insofar as we did so Tuesday and Monday before.) Remember that those Democrats opposed to Obama for whatever reason will still oppose him on Wednesday, and for largely the same reasons, with the addition of a grudge to boot. Remember that, even in the minority, Republicans can still resist the socialist tidal wave. Remember that the hard the statists push, the more firmly the libertarians will push back.

Yes, if the Democrats win tonight, the country loses, and will shift further to the Left. But it’s not shifting on a flat plane. Every inch away from the center — the true center, which is a lot closer to our position than theirs — the slope steepens, the friction increases. Yes, leftists will attempt to breach laws of both man and God. But water does run downhill. And sooner or later, it reaches bottom. They can’t and won’t get away with it forever.

Yeah, but they don’t have to. All they gotta do is cause the country to collapse and we’re verfuckled.

Well, that’s why we fight back.

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