I Get My Cardio Workout

YELLING AT THE RADIO in afternoon drivetime traffic.

Well, at any rate, you raise your blood pressure.

Yeah. There is that, too.

Thursday, Hannity was chatting with Bob Beckl — manager of Walter “Fritz” (49 states, did anybody get the number of that rocket that hit me) Mondale’s campaign, which makes me wonder why anybody listens to anything he ever says, but whatever — when Beckl went off on the notion of retaining the tax rates at the levels set by the so-called “Bush tax cuts.” He said it is outrageous that the richest two percent of American wage earners should get to keep what pittance the government deigns acceptable.

And I just wanted to reach through the radio…

You and ten million other Americans.

…really… through the radio, grab the idiot by the scruff and give him a good shaking.

We really need to pound this meme.

What is outrageous — despicable and flat-out un-American — is this invidious attack on various parts of the population, this setting some Americans against other Americans. We won’t stand for it on any other basis, but for some reason Democrats and other leftist criminals think it’s perfectly OK to start a civil war. And what for? To increase the percentage of all income taxes the top 2% pays from 50% to 80%? Or whatever the numbers are? No. The purpose of this is to divide Americans and hobble the entrepreneurial spirit that makes the country proof against the risky schemes of collectivists. No red-blooded American should stand for it. If your Congresscritter is a Democrat, flood the zone: tie up his phone line, crash his email server, burn out his fax machine, knock down his office door. Let him know you don’t approve of the representatives of Americans trying to start a war between Americans.

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