I Find It Hard to Fathom

WHY THE USUAL USEFUL IDIOTS’ heads don’t explode from the dissonance. — sort of like Ella Fitzgerald’s voice in the “live or Memorex” commercials causing a wine glass to shatter. Dennis Hennigan, speaking of a recently-passed bill sheltering gun manufacturers from deep-pockets law suits as Congress not getting to retroactively deny peoples’ rights.

People, the man is mental. Has to be. I bet if you were to file suit against the actual person responsible for a wrongful death — i.e., the guy who actually — you know — pulled the trigger — and got a judgement against him that sent him to the poorhouse for life, you’d be called eight kinds of sunnuvabitch. But it’s well within your rights to grab a wealthy (but innocent) third party — practically at random — and shake him down for all he’s worth… just because you can.

The bells! The bells!

(Hat tip: Joe Huffman

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