I… Dunno

READING COMMENTS on Michelle Malkin’s post on the recall elections of fleebagging Democrats in Wisconsin…

What?! That’s still going on? What the fern is taking so bloody long?

The wheels of justice grind slowly, Dolly.

Is that what this is? Justice?

It is if the right side loses.

And by “right” you mean “correct”.

Right. Er… correct.

And which side would that be?


Huh? What?

Which side is the right side depends on what side you’re on.

Well, DUH! But what side are we on.

Why, the right side, of course.

Grrrr. I’m-a-gonna kick yer ass!

I’m sure you will, Baby Doll. But — please — before you do, stop and think about it, would you?

Don’t need t’ stop. I can think and rant at the same time.

Multi-tasking, eh?

Nah. More like very fast time-sharing.

What. Everrr.

Really. But you were saying…?

Oh! Right! Some of the commenter’s at Michelle’s place urge anti-fleebagging legislation. One example given was to deny voting privileges to fleebaggers for — say — thirty days.

OK. So… what’s wrong with that?

Well… I’m not sure that unrestrained legislation is any more desirable than the opposite. As Twain said, “The only time a person’s money, property, and life are safe is when the legislature is not in session.” Gridlock, you see, can be your friend.

So, say I accept that for a minute, how does that apply here?

Well, fleebaggers do so in order to deny a majority a quorum.


Quorum. The requirement that a parliamentary body of any nature have a minimum requisite attendance in order for any business to be legitimately done. Fleebaggers thus stall legislation by denying the body as a whole a quorum.

Well, yeah. That’s what all the bitching’s about!

Well, suppose Republicans in the House of Representatives had been able to deny the Democrats a quorum on Obamacare?

It would have saved a lot of grief, wouldn’t it… Oh! I see…

So anti-fleebagging legislation can be turned against any minority — perhaps even one fighting on the side of right and good. And, in general, anything that keeps a legislature from acting prevents it from doing any more damage.

But… There you’re assuming the legislature can do no good.

And your countervailing argument is…?


I’m thinking! I’m thinking!

To quote Jack Benny.


Benny was reputed to be so cheap that, if a robber threatened him, “Your money or your life,” he’d have to give the proposition serious consideration.


Now, THAT’s funny!

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