I Disagree

WITH DR. POURNELLE when he asserts of the Regime’s backdoor appointee — scorn quotes — “health care policy guru” Dr. Donald Berwick who is to lead the agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid…

Berwick is certainly qualified to head a national health care system (for a pro-Berwick piece see the Washington Post).

Oh, hell no. No one is qualified to head a national health care system. If the witlessness of the proposition isn’t obvious to you from the man’s own words that the only way to an excellent, humane, and rational system is through a single-payer, central command-control planning bureaucracy, then you seriously need to get yourself an education in economics and markets. There is no way that any government-run national health care system can or will exhibit any one of the three attributes specified — excellent, humane, and rational — let alone any two or all three. One would think that, in this day and age, reasoning beings would have gotten past that outdated wishful thinking. It’s positively medieval. Barbaric, even.

And there’s certainly no excuse for agreeing with the devil simply for the sake of comity.

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