I Did Not Know This

</johnnycarson> — although I did suspect it.

Dr. Tim Ball, in an article at Canada Free Press, examines the evidence and, as usual, the warmista’s case falls apart like wet cardboard.

In my kitchen today, the temperature gauge on the space heater read 42°F. The gauge on the thermostat in the living room next door, meanwhile, read a balmy 65°F.

When one of the cats farts downstairs, we may smell it eventually all over the house, but the hydrogen sulfide gas does not instantly appear in the same concentration everywhere, nor is it ever at a uniform concentration.

So why should one assume that, in a far larger system, conditions should be much different? What temperature is my house? What temperature is the planet? Assuming you can give an answer to either question, why should one assume it makes any sense? How much fart-gas is there in my house in parts per million? How much carbon dioxide is there in Earth’s atmosphere? How much was there in 1750?

Given the nature of the earth’s atmosphere, it would seem a reasonable assumption that the concentrations of any trace gas would vary by some percent. I would even expect that there would be regions in which none would appear, and still others in which concentrations would approach 100%, albeit only briefly, and in limited volumes. For the rest, one would expect at least a 50% variation from an average — assuming an average could be calculated.

Within the last year, there was released an image, a chart of CO2 concentrations globally as measured by satellite observations. The scale on the thing ranged from concentrations roughly that of the purported pre-industrial level to a maximum of the level purported (by the warmistas) to be todays average.

So it should come as no surprise that, when someone goes back and examines the raw data on CO2 observations down the years, that the pre-industrial levels — according to direct contemporaneous observations — vary across a range from between roughly a third and a half of the supposed average to something well beyond any level observed over large areas today.

My conclusion should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following along at home. Yet another leg of the CAGW case is revealed to be standing on empty air. Temperature records, the effects of warming, and now carbon dioxide levels. Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. Once is stupidity, twice is incompetence, three times is a deliberate pattern of lies.

I have often said I do not care about motives. By the fruits of their actions shall you judge them. This is a textbook case. We’ve known it all along, now we have even more proof.

The panic-merchants’ vision of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a fraud. A hoax.

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