I Certainly Should Hope So

POWERLINE comments that:

Barack Obama is a world-class liar. At least, we’d better hope he is a world class liar, because if he really has no idea what the national debt is, we are in even worse trouble.

I should hope so. America surely rates a world-class liar. God forbid we should suffer through these parlous times led by a bush-league liar.

(Spotted at Maggie’s.)

However, I disagree with the PowerLine headline. I don’t think that Obama is particularly mendacious. He’s been pretty straightforward as to what he’s about. What he is is corrupt, in that he gives the rule of law the bird and does whatever he wants, whether it comports with the American ideal or the Constitution or not. But he’s never really concealed that he was a Marxist and that he was about implementing a — scorn quotes — “Progressive” agenda.

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