I Can’t Really Muster Much

ENTHUSIASM EITHER WAY over Libya. Which I guess might be at least partly due to the cool, noncommittal demeanor of the Commander in Chief.

People trying to draw parallels, however…

Hussein attacked a treaty ally in a region of the world where we had/have defense obligations — notably to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He was defeated in war, but did not surrender. Instead a cease-fire was instituted, with conditions that Hussein sought to violate from Day 1. Several UN Resolutions — was it 17 or 16?; in all the excitement, I might have lost count — were passed demanding that Hussein mend his ways or else, and next to nothing was done about his continued egregious violations of the terms of the cease-fire. Until…

9/11, at which point it seemed prudent to clear the deck — to strike against and eliminate as many potential troublemakers as possible. Perhaps we should have taken out Iran and North Korea at the same time, but it probably would have been a strategic overreach. But it should be noted, I think, that Libya at least pretended to moderate its stance post Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Meantime, Libya is a sovereign nation in which the United States has no interest, commercial or military, to speak of. It is — or has been until recently — a dues-paying member of the United Nations. Chair at one point, if memory serves, of the Human Rights thingummy. Nor has Libya, to my knowledge, aggressed against us or her neighbors in recent months.

And, yet, the mere fact that there are some rebels agitating for a regime change seems sufficient cause for us (and Europe) to go meddling in her internal affairs.

It can’t be because of the humanitarian disaster the country is becoming, because otherwise — check it out — we would be involved farther south in Africa already on that basis.


Seems to me that the argument against involvement in Vietnam was that the conflict was a mere civil war and none of our business — wasn’t it?

Like I said: not much enthusiasm mustering here. Just thought to say… Doncha know.

In comments to this post at Just One Minute, see the comment, “What I Like About Obama.” Heh.

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