I Can’t Help Wondering

IF THE RIGGED KANGAROO court being set up in New York to try the 9/11 prisoners doesn’t in itself constitute a war crime.

KSH and the others are unlawful combatants, having been taken out of uniform under arms on the field of battle, having admitted complicity in an atrocity perpetrated against a peaceful civilian population (indeed, boated of it). As such, they are, under the Geneva Conventions (we are told) subject to summary execution upon capture.

I thought KSM was taken from his bed in a safe house in Peshawar or some place like that.

Whatever. I suspect the forms have been satisfied in that regard. If not, it can be taken up as a separate case.

The purpose of the Conventions (we are told) is to protect the innocent and non-involved in times of war.

The trial of KSM and his colleagues exceeds the lawful authority in the case. He should have been executed upon capture in Pakistan (and one presumes the others were taken similarly). Keeping him alive provides opportunity for mischief which surely will not redound to the benefit of innocents around the world, some of whose governments will inevitably be signatories to the Geneva Conventions.

If violations of the Conventions are to be seen as war crimes, how can this trial not be?

I suspect a good many high government figures are in for some unpleasant suprises when their favorite patsy decides to up on his hind legs and mount a vigorous defense.

Yeah… maybe. They might also pretend embarrassment while secretly high-fiving each other in private.

Like they intended this farago to come off so badly?

You think they don’t?

Yeah. Like people been sayin’ since this guy started his runup to the campaign: never ascribe to conspiracy what can be put down to stupidity. Or incompetence. Or both.

Yeah. Trouble is, like I said the other day, teh stooped is tocksikk.

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