MY BIRTH STATE, Massachusetts has a reputation as being a cradle of liberty. Rather, it is a sink of despotism where a handful of real men once lived, and it is for the deeds of those men we remember and revere the place.

But the truth of the matter is less glorious. The place is ruled — not governed, ruled — by poltroons of the worst sort, parvenus who think themselves the betters of those who would be called, in all probability, the betters if judgement were called for.

A case in point, the police — oathbreakers all — in Arlington, MA, who have conspired in violation of the First and Second Amendments and 18 USC 241-242 to deny one Travis Corcoran the free exercise of his constitutionally-protected civil rights.

What was Corcoran’s offense? He alluded to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords as “One down, 534 to go.” Implying that perhaps all members of Congress ought to be brought to heel with extreme prejudice.

Boorish? Perhaps. Intemperate? I can only say: consider the provocation — 100 years and more of lies, deceit, trickery, theft, oath-breaking, and worse. I would say, rather, the man is the latest in an endless line of long-suffering patriots, ever wishing to be most temperate, who have in the final analysis, been pushed to and past the breaking point. And most temperate in that only words were used.

Q: What do you call 300 Congressmen at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start.

And for making this most thoroughly tempered remark, Corcoran and his family are to be rendered defenseless in the face of whatever predators roam the streets and forests of Massachusetts. And that fact has been announced to those self-same predators.

These officers of the — scorn quotes — “law”… Have they not sworn an oath to the Constitution? To the laws of the Commonwealth, which are in turn subsidiary to the Constitution and must in all ways conform to it? Are they not in this action foresworn?

And Gabrielle Giffords. A Democrat, yes? Did she vote for Obamacare? And in doing so, is she not also foresworn?

And what is the temperate man to do about oath-breakers, the latest in generations of oath-breakers and usurpers?

What is a free man to do?

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