I Am So Glad Gerard Van Der Leun

IS ON OUR SIDE because — check it out — our side. But still, he’s dead wrong when he follows the herd and engages in some Maoist self-criticism. He makes the same mistake that so many Boomer Bashers do in assuming that the darlings of the partisan press in the ’60s represented even a plurality, let alone a majority of the Boomer generation. Not all of us believed in the anti-Americanism, the nihilism, the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll… Well, OK. That last one.

It is instructive to remember that the hippies were into rugged independence and self-reliance, but that the portrait of the type shown the country by the media were a bunch of stoner johnnies-come-lately who ended up on San Francisco welfare rolls while the actual hippies were on farms, learning how to live on the land — albeit the hard way.

It is instructive to remember that there were far more volunteers fighting in Vietnam than there ever were occupying the Admin Building at Columbia.

It is instructive to remember that Rush Limbaugh has an audience of 20 Million while Air America is — well — off the air.

It is instructive to remember that libertarians are Boomers. And Republicans are Boomers. And that the traitors and socialists — even from back in the ’60s are Depression and War Babies.

Yes, there are socialist Boomers. Is Gen-X immune?

It is unbecoming for people putatively principled on such subjects as individual rights, individual responsibility — rugged individualism — to insist on collective guilt of a group solely on the basis of their birth date. (Gee! Sound like Heinlein much?)

Tired of the Boomer Bashing. So bored. How about taking responsibility for your own actions, rather than blaming somebody else — especially the wrong somebody else? How about, to borrow a phrase from the ’60s, you do your own thing. IOW: Mind Your Own Business.

No. Really. Mind your business.

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