I Am Having A Question

WHAT IN THE Wide Wide World of Sports is the government doing funding “the arts” at all? If the money trail to NPR is all that convoluted, perhaps we ought to look at its funding as a species of money laundering and just cut it all off at the source. NEA, NEH, CPB, and anything else that puts the government in competition with private entities ought to be simply defunded.

And any cause for which the leftist sales pitch begins, “Surely in the richest country in the world, we can afford…” should be defunded and those seeking funds for it told that, surely in the richest country in the world, private supporters can be found. If not, perhaps the value of the premise should be re-examined.

Oh. And, yeah. Full disclosure: I am one of those private entities so-called “artists” on the public teat are in competition with. And I consider it positively un-American that I have to sink or swim — to decide, as it were, between buying my medicines and paying my taxes — while no-talent hacks with political connections will never miss a meal.

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