I Am Disappointed In la Palin

AND HER ENDORSEMENT of clingy six-term “beltway barnacle” (Michelle Malkin), Orrin Hatch, (R-UT) in his primary fight against Tea Party fave, Dan Liljenquist.

I’ve heard the explanation (not an excuse — an explanation) that Hatch on Judiciary brings us conservative, originalist justices.

It won’t wash. Any decent conservative could do that. What Hatch has not given us is a bulwark against leftist, activist judges.

We need someone in that spot who will be every bit as partisan an attack dog as was Kennedy or as has been Leaky Leahy. After all, we have the Way, the Truth, and the Light on our side. No need to be timid. No need for collegiality or ecumenity — those do not serve.

Judges ought not be leftist or activist — ever. A left-leaning judge is a contradiction in terms. What you are doing when you seat one such is emplacing an unelected, lifetime-tenured legislator to enact by stealth an agenda that could never win the day in the light and under normal protocols of a representative republic.

In other words, you are using treason to empower traitors.

And that, ladies and germs, is Orrin Hatch’s principle crime. He has manifestly failed to defend the Republic and the Constitution, despite his sinecure on the Judiciary committee.

Time for him to go.

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