I. Am. An. American

HMMMM Not a bad idea. Check it out:

To call me a conservative is to miss the point. To call me a Republican is to mistake me by a mile. To call me an AMERICAN is to know me down to the bone.

I’ve always bristled when lefties called me a conservative or sneered “Right-Winger” at me. I’m more radical (from the Latin radix, meaning root) than that. “I’m a libertarian,” I insist loudly, with the intent to persuade.

But among my fellows In the Right, I am forced to admit that the formal Libertarian movement has strayn too far into anarchistic territory for the sake of ordered liberty, and I am thus forced to huddle more with soi-disant conservatives than with true wookie-suiters. All the while fiercely resisting the statist notions embraced by the country club blue-blood Republicans who fancy themselves the establishment and the center of the party, while camped out on its leftward fringe.

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, the great-grand nephew of my Uncle Sam. My politics are the American center: square dealing and fair play; love of country, motherhood, and apple pie; the freedom to swing my fists stops at the end of your nose; the red-white-and-blue is the most beautiful flag ever; it’s still a free country, isn’t it? Why the hell should I accept a seat at a political children’s table, out on the fringe of my country’s civic life? To Hell with that! I am the great American Center. The reason so few people vote is that there are no (or few) politicians who ever express sympathy with that position. They’re all nibbling around the edges, headed in decidedly un-American directions.

It. Stops. Now.

The Left relies on its lies in questions: are you against helping people? and the like. Well, no. What I’m against is shackling people to the government wheel. Americans understand and embrace the value of self-reliance. Our country was started by a Declaration of Independence. We fought an internecine war to end slavery. We’ve got nothing to apologize for to anybody.

I’ve always believed that my ideals are rooted deeply and firmly in the fundamentals of the American experiment. So, to me, Vanderleun’s idea of re-branding true-blue Americans as just that makes a hellofa lotta sense. Maybe it’s the center the Tea Parties have been looking to coalesce around.

Eh? Whatcha think?

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