Horses Laugh When

VALERIE JARRETT asserts that “Nobody will debate [Obama’s] intelligence…”

::raises hand diffidently::

I will.

The man is a moron. Not an articulate, intelligent man, but a glib and clever moron, a trained seal, barking out by rote the pat shibboleths his teachers drummed into his thick skull-full-of-mush. My evidence? Do I really need to repeat it? He espouses the stupidest, most evil political ideology known to the mind of Man. The two — collectivism and intelligence — are mutually exclusive.

Plus: take him off teleprompter. Take away his script and he goes all hem and haw. Not only that, but he’s not even bright enough to halfway memorize the script well enough to fake it. He is an empty vessel into which others pour words. This is not a bright, articulate man, but a trained monkey. And a poorly-trained monkey at that.

All of which makes me want to question Ms Jarrett’s competence as well.

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