AT LUNCH TODAY the membership count was up to 155. At midnight, it was at 120. A lot of “Pending” members looked like they were gone — as though those folk had signed up and then not responded to the confirmation email.

My purpose for this was two-fold. First, I wanted to expand the regular readership AND commentership of the blog. Of course, it would make a lot more sense for me to provide more content, more reliably, and of a higher quality as a means of boosting readership. And that’s always my intent, but the spirit may be willing, though the flesh be weak. As I write this, I’m nodding and desperately need to get off to bed. The kittens are chaffering around the office. Earnie is jumping up on my lap, demanding cuddles and attention. I had a post earlier and might yet recover it. (It’s on a topic about which I obsess somewhat, so is unlikely something I’ll forget.) It’s just that I’m too tired right now, when I’ve got a minute to blog.

But the second was to try to attract individuals who might be interested in reading a Dolly story — maybe even people who haven’t read one before. In that, it seems, I have succeeded. Now all I have to do is finish the story. With hope and a little bit of luck, I should have the draft finished before the New Year and off to my alpha(s). And to the betas shortly thereafter. Maybe New Year’s weekend, I’ll have a chance to sit down and draw up a cover. I have ideas, but none of them have gelled, yet.

So this is by way of thanking everyone who signed up. Please be patient. This will happen. Just your being there, lurking, waiting, is a powerful motivator to me to finish. Thank you.

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