Here’s Hoping This Leads

TO A BETTER BALANCE of power between business and government: Supreme Court Rejects Campaign Finance Limits. (The headline is misleading, as the limits shot down are those on corporate ad spending, but not on direct contributions, which remain in place.)

Of course, the possible downside is that this will lead to collusion between entities such as GE or DuPont and corrupt officeholders greedy for the support afforded by an ad campaign that is effectively off the books.

Interesting times…

Charles “Chuck-You” Schumer arrogantly promises to reverse the decision, though he doesn’t know how.

Considering the previous act was just declared unconstitutional, I’d wonder how, too.

Oh, the audacity of arrogance.

L’audace! Toujours l’audace!

Er, yeah. Sure, Dolly.

Awhile back, Kim du Toit posited that, because they seek to subvert the Constitution itself, the Left is in effect making war on America and on the Constitution, and that every single elected Democrat in national office is therefor a traitor and deserving of death. As a thought experiment, I think it has some merit.

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