Here’s a Guy

WHO NEEDS A GOOD, swift, kick in the ‘nads.

Is he fucking serious? “Liberty fetish?” He needs to get the fuck out. Just. Fucking. LEAVE! Don’t let the golden door hit him in the ass on the way out. Never come back. And tell all his friends to leave, too.

Statist fuck-wad.

Michael Tomasky, Dolly. Remember the name; he is your enemy. He wants to enslave you to the nanny state. Give him the back of your hand.

At best.

We really need to make the term “statist” every bit as much a term of opprobrium as is the leftist shibboleth “racist.” After all, statism has killed far more people than any racist’s wettest wet dream.

From Reason
Hat tip: Maggie’s.

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