Hell-LO, Marge Schott

PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING to straddle the fence on unionism (good way to get a picket up your butt) like to say — mouthing voiceless platitudes — that unions served a purpose, once, but no more.

Hell-LO, Marge Schott, who infamously once said, “Hitler was good in the beginning.” Referring to when he was elected under the Weimar Republic on various Obama-sounding Hope ‘n’ Change promises to restore the former glory of the German peoples.*

Which, of course, is utter bullshit. A cursory reading of Hitler’s Mein Kampf would reveal to anyone of moderately open mind the utter evil of the man — his hatred of the Jews, his plans for world domination, his belief in national socialism.

And the same is true of the union movement. It was a creation from the first of collectivists of various stripes. Samuel Gompers was no entrepreneurial capitalist. To claim that there was ever anything good about unions and unionism is equivalent to a German, receiving stolen goods from the Nazi regime, benefitting from the theft of Jewish property, claiming that … “Hitler was good in the beginning, but then he went awry.”

*(To note: Hitler himself was a German citizen of only recent minting, and the German nation itself was barely a century old, if that at the time.)

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