Heard In Passing on Radio News

AND SO AM NOT entirely certain I could have heard correctly, but I coulda swored that the radio news anchor said that inflation at the grocery store has only amounted to one or two percent over the last however many months and/or years.

Can you just imagine the Chuck Jones cartoon effect of the right hand of God zooming into the face of the radio dial in the car, through the aether in a lightning bolt cross-fade, and out of the microphone at ABS Broadcasting, to grab the announcer by the scruff and shake her silly?


Right. Wobbita.

Two fer pucking cent? In what alternate universe is this and how do I get there?

We here at Casa d’Alger live pretty high on the hog. Still, there are only two of us (plus seven cats) with rather pedestrian tastes. (Us, not the cats.) Our “normal” spend at the groceries (we shop two stores in an attempt to get the best deals, with occasional buys at a third) has gone from around $250 every two weeks to, now it seems almost normal, frequent totals in excess of $400.00. No matter how I scrimp and save.

Two percent my achey-breaky ass!

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