When You Hear a Liar or a Politician

(BUT I REPEAT MYSELF) spewing bullshit — and you recognize it as such — there might be the temptation to go, “I wish everybody could hear this.” Da Doll is here to assure ya: they do.

They may not come to the same conclusion as you about it, but they hear it.

Like Unca Bob put it, a liberal is a person who will acknowledge that water runs downhill, but prays to God it will never reach bottom.

These days, it’s getting hard to fool yerself that could ever be the case.

Da Doll ‘spects that, when it finally does bottom out — with respect t’ medical finance — the whole idea of (scorn quotes) “insurance” to pay for it is gonna go away. Gandhi with the windhi. People are gonna come to really-ize that they’re paying extra for something they could pay for cheaper outta pocket and save the insurance dollar for the big deals — like a heart attack or a broken leg or whatever. And people will demand price information from their providers. You’ll be able to actually shop around for whatcha pay, not what the co-pay is. Watch that enforce some market discipline toot fuckin’ sweet. And the market in medicine will go through some kinda magical transformation.


Unless the freakin’ traitors on the Left manage to fool enough of the people that free markets aren’t free, and that it’s too easy for some sharpster to take advantage of you. (Never saying that a politician is a particularly slimy kinda sharpster.)

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