He Was a Genius!

HIS RADICAL MOTHER wailed of her red diaper baby. “He had a 170 IQ.”

Pity the fool.

All the IQ shows is that he’s good at taking tests. Here’s a litmus test: if he can’t see through the collectivist bullshit, he can’t be all that bright.

This is true of all of the Left’s luminaries. The very fact that they espouse leftism irredeemably shifts them 100 points to the left on the scale. It only takes a below-average intelligence to fall for the failed pipe-dream brain fart nostrums of collectivism.

From Hillary Clinton to Adlai Stephenson to Hubert Humphrey to Barack Hussein Obama (Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm!) they’re all a pack of idiots. The evidence cannot be stronger than their personal beliefs as played out on the public stage.

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