Happy Dance

A DEAR FRIEND, fellow OWW-er, and beloved step-mother to Dolly (practically my first reader, if only she’d make it official).

There’s a reason for that, Alger.

And what’s that?

You never asked.

Think so?

Whyn’ ya ask and see?


Terminal diffidence?

Uh… yeah?

God, you’re hopeless!”

Anyway. Jaime has sold her first novel to Tor. And it’s one of a series. (I have some of a WIP (the fourth book?) on my Kindle and hope to get to it later this week. I plan to enjoy it. And you don’t get to — yet. Nya-nya-nya.)

Her name is Jaime Lee Moyer. Note it down; you will be hearing a lot from her. The first book is titled Delia’s Shadow and is due from Tor in (if memory serves) February of 2013. It’s already getting notice, which I suspect is a sign of an agent doing her job.

Back when we were both little baby wannabes on OWW, (which I still am, I hasten to admit, albeit not so active on the ‘shop), I likened her voice to Zenna Henderson’s. By which I meant the sound of her narration in my head put me in mind of ZH’s. And I meant it as a compliment.

So should you.

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