Hannity’s Willingness to Engage

LEFTIDIOTS (coinage of the week, for ya there, folks), is nothing short of amazing. It makes you want to scream at the radio. No. No No.

Wind and solar — as has been abundantly demonstrated — will have no more than marginal applications. Ever. Period. Won’t work for mains power. Quit arguing. You only make yourself look like a credulous moron.

Science and knowledge are not matters for belief. I don’t care whether you “believe in” global warming. The facts are in. There appears to be warming WHEN and WHERE we’ve looked. But when we widen the search… not so much. The signal of human contributions to what warming there is amounts to background noise to the real signal. And: given that weather is essentially a local phenomenon, what earthly sense is there to a global average temperature? What does it mean? And stop with the “climate change” crap. More moronic credulousness. Climate is change, fool.

Oh, and: pop quiz asshole. What difference does it make to ice whether the average temperature is forty degrees Celsius below freezing, or only thirty-five below? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Right. None. So the ice packs will melt… when? Exactly: never. Or, at least, not under the present regime.

Social justice is just another term for they win, you lose. Why do you support that? Do you think you’ll have a chance at being one of them? What on earth makes you think you are worthy of their largesse? Can you really be that simple?

Government employee unions are money-laundering operations for the Party. Now the parasite has killed the host. Think the union rank-and-file has a chance of avoiding being trampled in the stamped for the exits? Of course not. Those simpletons still think it’s all about working conditions and social justice.

And you’re willing to have them teaching your children?

Nevermind. Your case is hopeless.

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