Hannity Interviews the Boxer Rebel

WHO STRIPPED TO HIS BVDS in the San Diego airport, refusing to be scanned and patted down, he cooperated in a way that the Titty-Squeezing Agency didn’t anticipate. They don’t like it when you surprise them.

So they tried to make him submit and he refused. He didn’t get to take his trip, but the TSA’s power trip was also aborted.

The keys to understanding this whole contretemps is that there IS no reasonable infringement on liberty. Infringements is infringements. People may submit if they think there’s a reason, but when the emperor shows his nekkid butt in public, allofasudden people stop being quite so willing to submit.

The guy reported that folks at the airline desk tried to persuade him it’s no big deal. He took it to the limit, asking would they submit to an anal probe; they said no, of course not. Well, he told them, everybody has a line they won’t cross. Mine’s just nearer than yours. Quite true. And we who prize liberty owe a debt of gratitude to the canaries in this coal mine, with their lines nearer than some others’.

Almost in passing, Hannity asserted that this protest is “bottom up.” He forgets a central fact — as have the bureaucrats in DC. The resistance to the Titty Squeezers and the Security Theater is top down. We are the bosses, and it’s way past time we reminded our employees of that.

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