Hannity Blows It

ONCE AGAIN in the ideological war against the Left, this time on the #DebtSupercommitteeFail.

When a thing works as designed, can it really be said to have failed? What? You think it wasn’t designed for this outcome? Why? Because the people designing it said so? Are you really that gullible?

Over the weekend, Democrats tried to blame the failure of the thing on the Republicans, saying that the Republicans were/are rigid and ideological and unwilling to compromise.

(And what have we learned over the years about Democrat projections and transferrance? Class? Right! They always attack you on the points where they are weakest.)

But, really, folks. If you’re right and they’re wrong, why should you have to compromise? Because they’re exercising naked power to obstruct progress and block the proper outcome? Hell no! Call them on it!

And Hannity’s engaging in the same-old, “Is so/Is not!” argument, which is pointless, and cedes to the enemy a win that should be ours by default.

So what if we’re rigid and ideological? Raising taxes in a recession is barking-at-the-moon insane. So, if we’re rigid in refusing to do so, we’re right, why SHOULD we compromise?

Hannity’s relentless drive for comity and ecumenism has led him down the same old primrose path yet again.

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