Halfway Down the Comments

TO A POST AT Althouse and still nobody’s noticed about this canard that they tried something similar with Bush.

“Blah-blah-blah… won’t admit he’s wrong … blah-blah-blah … won’t take advice from leading figures in the [world|adminstration|bureacracy] … and blah-blah-blah.”

Bullshit. Piss off. Sour grapes. Quitcher whingeing and grow a pair.

What they really want to say (call it — oh, I don’t know — code words?) is that he|she|it — the speaker, the (scorn quotes) “anonymous source” — feels snubbed because his|her|its advice has not been taken. Or has been flat-out ignored.

If journalists weren’t the crybaby tattletales they are themselves, they wouldn’t fall for this drama-queen BS, whether the source was anonymous or thundering boozily from the well of the Senate. But since they are, they do, and this is why intelligent people pay them so little regard.

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