Hadda Read This

IF ONLY FOR THE CHANCE to take the mickey out of my brother-in-law. Ozzies suck at grills.

Full disclaimer: I don’t do grills, so a lot of what they’re talking about goes over my head, but…

Gotta love the way those okkers go at each other in the comments. Wish our comments trolls had half the sense of humor. Ozzies may suck at grillls, but Americans (on the Internet anyway) suck at piss-taking.

Hey! That’s an unfair generalization — not to mention fallacious!

Fellacious, you say? Is that a term of art of ::mphrwrmmph!::?

Ah-aah! Watch yourself, there, buddy-boy. OUCH! You bit me!

You were try’n’a suffocate me!

Naw. Just a little stifle’s all. Just wanted to stop you from going there.

Yeah. Well. The readers already have.

::wobbita:: ::looks through the fourth wall:: Did they? Damn!

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