Had the Bio Channel On

DOING HOUSEHOLD chores after dinner this evening and there was a bio of the Bee Gees on. I stopped to listen a bit. At the end, Barry and Robin sang a bit of this unplugged.

I was hoping to find something close to the studio version from the Trafalgar album. No such luck. This semi-live thing is as close as I could get.

I’ve mentioned several times that I think one of the reasons pop music quality and variety peaked between the ’60s and the late ’80s is that music was what our generation was hacking — just as the current generation is hacking smart phones and the Web. When I first started buying records, you could still buy mono. (You probably still can, but it was easy for that to be your default choice — stereo was the novelty.) Stereo was relatively recent development. At that moment, the album was just coming into its own as an art form. Before that, an album was a collection of one or two hit singles and a bunch of crap filler. After, if you wanted serious LP sales, you had to have every track be a potential hit. There were bands for whom every track on an album at least got airplay, even if it didn’t chart.

The Bee Gees was one of those acts.

I was a rock snob in the ’70s. There was something about disco’s beat and wall-to-wall synthesizers that just set my teeth on edge. But the Bee Gees weren’t consciously a disco band. R&B, yes. Disco, no. I guess it’s past time I realized that.

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