Guest Post!!!

MY COPY OF Draw One in the Dark came in the mail yesterday. (Out of print, although soon available from Baen.) A Few Good Men is due today. It’s a Sarah Hoyt week! And then, this morning, I find in the email a long-anticipated guest column — a stop on the Sarah A. Hoyt 2013 Blog Tour. We are proud to host it (below).

The topic came from a comment I made at Mad Genius Club. It has long been a bugbear of mine, but is not — really — any more. It was a dual problem, I think, of wanting to understand whether what I was submitting met minimum acceptable standards of the market. Well, that’s not a problem, really, with indie publishing. You publish. If it sinks like a stone, either nobody liked it or nobody found it. Not much you can do about either. Move on to the next one.

The most important point is one Sarah makes. I’ll let her make it.

And with only that much ado, I present to you, the incomparable, Sarah! A! Hoyt! ::and the crowd goes RAWWWRRR!::

ON, BTW, Sarah, you do have a logon here as an editor if I recall correctly.

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