Green Eyeshades

I AM SICKENED by the amount of human capital wasted arguing over specific and particular provisions of the so-called “health care” bills.

Get this; fuck that.

Congress has no authority to be legislating on the matter AT ALL.

If you want to reform health care on the Federal level, the only legal reform is to back government out of the matter altogether.

You start by stripping away all Federal legislation — including the tax code — which bears on the matter, and, absent fraud or coercion, treat the whole matter as a purely private matter.

The next step would be to bar the states from regulating the matter. Insurance is almost by definition interstate commerce, and the states do not have the authority to speak on it.

If you’re concerned about the poor and indigent, how about legislating tax credits for insurance companies who cover low-income folk, the disabled, and elderly?

Credits, not write-offs.

If you ever wonder about the reality of the matter, wonder to yourself how insurance companies got privileged in the first place. It wasn’t a matter of market corruption or failure, I can assure you.

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