Grassley Seems to Think

THAT PRETENDING HE meant something less vicious and despicable than the plain meaning of his actual words when he said managers of companies steered onto the rocks by Democrats’ gratuitous intermeddling in matters the government has no business being involved in should commit suicide will get him off the hook.

Jeeze, Alger! You sound like Hannity. That was a filibuster if I ever heard one!

Yeah. ::sheepish grin:: I get that.

But Grassley.

Yeah. Grassley. Pretending to admire the Japanese culture of self-criticism. Stupid. Ignorant. Dangerous. That kind of thing comes from a socialist mindset. It has the same roots as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist self-criticism. It’s always insincere. It never has a positive effect. It makes a pitiful figure of the apologist. It’s un-American. One of my favorite fictional heroes says, “Never apologize.” I agree.

What to do starts with: Don’t screw up in the first place, and when you do, make it right. Apologies are mere attempts to buy absolution for nothing.

And that goes for Grassley as much as for the bankers.

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