Gotta Love It When

LEFTOIDS, SUCH AS Joe “Gaffe-o-matic” Biden (The Stupidest Man in the Senate) aver and avow that the views of those of us in the Right are somehow outside the mainstream (“alien,” the chia-pet Veep said on Monday). Of course, the Left is collectively innumerate so the notion of 60-70-80% self-identification with the concepts and ideals of America’s founding and greatness might not penetrate their idea of “mainstream.”

Aw, come ON, Alger! You know better’n ‘at! They do, too. They’re just lying to see, as Maha Rushi keeps sayin’, “How can we fool ’em today?”

Oh, sure. But it’s more fun to take a liar at face value and watch him sputter when you… when you do the math for them.


Sure. It’s Alinsky. Make your enemy live up to his own values. Words. Writings. Rules.

Ah! I see.

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