Gotta Love It When

SARAH PALIN HANGS a trip wire up in front of the media and a little farther down the path a big, steaming pile of shit. And EVERY. TIME. They catch their foot on the trip wire and face plant in the shit. EVERY. FRAKKIN’.

Which shows what slow learners they are, and how stuck in the group think they are.

And, by the way, I disagree with Jennifer Rubin when she writes

Palin has never been criticized for lack of smarts when it came to cultivating an image and a career that frees her from the restraints and demands that encumber national politicians. She’s the ultimate self-made woman, with a career and identity unique to her. You can understand why it would be ludicrous to give that up and risk her place in the conservative movement for a race she doesn’t want to run and likely can’t win.

The “likely can’t win” part. Seems obvious to me that, if la Palin decided to run, she not only could win, she would.

After all, if Mitt Romney — Romneycare and all — is a syphlitic camel compared to the punch bowl turd that is Obama, how much more attractive is Sarah Palin?

And the fact that she’s doing it while poking a sharp stick in the eye of the country club blueblood Republicans can’t hurt at all.

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