Got Two Coats

OF URETHANE on the boards for Toni’s bookcase. Looking at them Sunday night, I think I’m going to do a third coat. Should be able to assemble by the weekend.

Read over Armed Citizen again, and find it far more solid than I could have thought. It seems to me that very slight changes and additions are all it will take to complete it. Right now, it stands at 20-25,000 words (depending on your method of counting) — about 100 manuscript pages. I think the additions could add up to 15,000 more words, but might hold to as few as 5,000 more. (Another thing I’m terrible at estimating — word counts.) There are a few bits of exposition, and a subplot that need to be fleshed out and that’s it.

I’m worried about the obvious deriviation from Heinlein’s “Jerry Was a Man.” Taking RAH’s dictum, I feel as though I should file the serial numbers off better, but I’m also at a loss as to how.

Amazing that the growing outrage in the country with the government’s overreaching is getting as little attention with the press as it is. Seems the conflict ought to be a ready-made ratings-getter. I guess the media elites don’t take it seriously. They need to get out more. Me, I can’t see how a taxpayer revolt is avoidable.

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