Good News/Bad News

THE JUDGE IN the Florida case (joined by 25 other states) has declared the Obamacare law unconstitutional. Which makes it settled law and all that, not that the Left will ever admit to it or even pay it any heed, because — you know — it went against them, as it should have.

The bad news? Nobody seems to realize that Congress doesn’t have authority in the matter in the first place. That is, it doesn’t matter how poorly the law is crafted, or that Congress didn’t touch base before passing Go, the law has no constitutional standing whatsoever. There’s no authority in the enumerated powers for Congress to meddle in the relationship between a patient and a doctor, or between an insured person and an insurance company, or in any wise between anyone and anyone else.

That Congress has been arrogating to itself the power to presume to exercise legislative control over the matter for decades now does not change that fundamental fact.

Which, of course, means we still have a long, hard fight ahead of us. But we knew that.

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