GOD! I Hate It When

I HAVE TO AGREE WITH “Chuck You” Schumer, but I gotta say he’s right on Iran.

On the gripping hand, it does bear pointing out that the Iranians aren’t Arabs. But as Otter said to Boon in Animal House, during the John Belushi Pearl Harbor rant — “Forget it; he’s rolling.”

Tangentially — you do know we live on tangents and cream around here, doncha? — da Doll heard on the radio that the White House (and, one presumes, the Fuckface-social-climbing-gigolo State Department) is a bit dyspeptic over the gut rumbles from Congress over the sellout er — deal with Iran over sanctions. Yeah. Another branch of government is overstepping and playing the loose cannon. Sucks, dunnit?

To quote the Instameister: Heh. Indeed.

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