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AT REAL CLEAR Politics by Clifford Asness: Health Care Mythology — What We Know That Ain’t So

Then consider this:

…[I]n a world where the “public option” replaced all private options, would we still be allowed, if we had the resources, to pursue private medical alternatives? Some socialized countries say yes, some say no. Imagine the answer is “no” in this country, where freedom is valued more than anywhere else in the world. Imagine a person is to be prevented from spending their hard earned money on their, or their children’s, health care, or a doctor was prevented from earning what he could in a parallel free system after all his training and work.

Can you say, “Black market”? Sher ya can.

Consider this: Before Nixon ramped up the “War on (Some) Drugs,” the market in marijuana was a sleepy bywater, mostly cottage industry, where prices were stable and low and the danger inherent in transaction was mostly from the paranoia of the consumer. Now, billions of wasted interdiction and control dollars later, the (inflation-adjusted) prices are marginally higher, criminal cartels and syndicates control the market, and the side effects only begin with the corruption of law enforcement, the violence of the rival gangs selling the goods, and the overcrowding of our jails.

While normal people, seeking novel intoxicants, have branched out from the relatively benign weed into substances such as crack and meth.

Don’t think there’s a parallel? Guess again. Corruption and violence always attend a black market, and black markets always arise when governments restrict the right of willing buyers to contract with willing sellers.

Some say that our reaction to the latest version of the socialized medicine insult to our intelligence is to resist its passage in the legislature. Perhaps. I say, however, that our real end ought to be to bar the state from intermeddling in markets — any markets. The sole legitimate function of government is to protect the rights of the governed. Restricting those rights in any way delegitimizes government. We’ re long past that stage her in the land of the free, and we need keep in mind the goal of getting back our legitimate government.

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