GiggleBoxKickOver ( )

IN THE OLD POGO STRIP THERE WAS a story arc in which Porky Pine went around the swamp asking everybody to tell him the muskmelon joke, ’cause it made him laugh somethin’ fierce. That’s my version of Tam’s giggleboxkickover. Whenever something tickles my funnybone to helplessness, I think of the muskmelon joke.

Wednesday, on this thread at Tam’s, at 1:20 in the Pee-Em, Blast Hardcheese won the Innerwebz, with this quote (and bit of stage direction) from (I believe) Blazing Saddles:

“Send a wahr to the main office, tell ’em I said…”

“Send a wahr, main office, tell them you said ow. Got it!”

It’s the SHOVELWHONK that gets me started.

As Joanna observed a few comments later, we could use some of that good ol’ SHOVELWHONK in Washington.

I think it correctly should be spelled in all caps, it being onomatopoeia, an’ all…

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